Aug 11

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Default Keys for Vista and Windows 7 deployment

Update: If you want the default VL/KMS activation keys for Windows Vista through Windows Server 2012R2, they can be found here.

To go along with my previous post on deploying Windows via MDT 2010, here is a list of the “default” keys that Windows uses when you choose not to enter a product key during setup.  These keys of course will not activate, but you can enter them into your task sequences when you are prompted for a product key to use.  This will make your setup more unattended.

Here’s the list:

Windows Vista:

  • Ultimate  –  VMCB9-FDRV6-6CDQM-RV23K-RP8F7
  • Business  –  4D2XH-PRBMM-8Q22B-K8BM3-MRW4W
  • Home Premium  –  X9HTF-MKJQQ-XK376-TJ7T4-76PKF
  • Home Basic  –  RCG7P-TX42D-HM8FM-TCFCW-3V4VD

Windows 7:

  • Ultimate  –  D4F6K-QK3RD-TMVMJ-BBMRX-3MBMV
  • Professional  –  HYF8J-CVRMY-CM74G-RPHKF-PW487
  • Home Premium  –  RHPQ2-RMFJH-74XYM-BH4JX-XM76F
  • Home Basic  –  YGFVB-QTFXQ-3H233-PTWTJ-YRYRV
  • Starter  –  7Q28W-FT9PC-CMMYT-WHMY2-89M6G

Note that these were easy to acquire, as they are stored in a file called product.ini in the \sources folder for Vista, Server 2008, Win7, and Server 2008 R2.  To verify, I installed Windows Vista and Windows 7 without a product key, and then ran a utility in the OS to display the current product key – I used GetKey written by GunSmokingMan on the MSFN forums, but anything that’ll run in Vista or Windows 7 will work.

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