Monthly Archive: April 2010

Apr 09

Windows Server 2008 Storage Server default Administrator password

I finally got around to downloading Storage Server 2008 for some hyper-v / iscsi tests I am working on, and after installing Storage Server it did not ask for me to create a password like other Server 2008 / Server 2008 R2 server installs do on first boot.  It appears the default password is “wSS2008!” (minus the quotes, of course).  I found it from a bing search, here.  I figured maybe someone else will run across it and read this, and not have to resort to using DaRT to reset the password offline as I did.

Obviously, if you’re using SS 2008, you’ll want to change this password anyway – not sure why this was done this way, but it was.

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Apr 07

KB974417 installation failure

OK, ran across this today, and there are a few ways to fix it.  The most time-consuming way (but seems to me to be the least invasive) is to remove 976569 and 976570, install 974417 (reboot), and then re-install 976569 and 976570.  I do not know what it is about those two updates that seems to cause the failure, but since I’m building images I don’t really care either – the workaround “fixes” it well enough for me.

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