Monthly Archive: July 2010

Jul 29

Internet Explorer 8 uninstalls itself if setup is run a second time?

I’ve stumbled across a rather odd issue where users were starting to complain that all of the sudden they were running a previous version of IE again, even though IE8 had been installed previously in the environment.  Also, they were complaining that when starting IE, it would simply close right after the UI was displayed.  In troubleshooting the issue, we went back and looked at the IE8*.log files and found out that IE8’s setup had been run twice on these machines for some reason (still haven’t figured out why yet – that’s for another day), and had uninstalled IE8 during the second run of the installer!

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Jul 22

WordPress upgraded to 3.0

The upgrade was not a painless process, and I had to hack my site back together after the upgrade.  If you run into any issues, let me know.

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Jul 19

Vacation over, back to work

OK, vacation’s over.  Back to work, but enjoyed the time off.  Hopefully I’ll get something useful up here again soon, but so far I’ve not come across anything useful enough to post about recently.  Oh well, guess those are the lazy days of summer for you!

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