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Nov 18

Debian + Sendmail + SpamAssassin + MimeDefang config for inbound mail host

Honestly, this is more of an “I’m posting this here for my reference” post than anything else, but searching google and bing for something similar yesterday (which is prompting me to put this here) came up with old, outdated, and frankly useless, results (at least in my opinion).

I’m not going to go into how to install Debian or software (honestly, running “apt-get install sendmail spamassassin mimedefang” can’t be that hard), but I have this on my current Debian Lenny installation, and it deals with spam and ham with very good results:

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Nov 15

WordPress updated to 3.0.1

Sorry for the delays and odd behavior today – as with the last upgrade to 3.0, this upgrade wasn’t 100% smooth either.  Thankfully it didn’t require total site maintenance, but it did cause some plugins to misbehave.  I believe this is all sorted now, and the last post does appear to have gone out successfully and the server errors are gone.

I know you probably don’t care, but it’s cathartic to document a job (not exactly well) done ;).

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Nov 15

Disk2VHD, XP, and Hyper-V – problems installing Integration Components

After taking a Disk2VHD image of an XP SP3 machine, I noticed that I could not install the Integration Components after copying the VHD to my Hyper-V machine and running the Integration Components setup off vmguest.iso.  It would attempt to upgrade the HAL, tell me I needed to reboot to upgrade the HAL, and then reboot and get to the same place.  If I clicked “OK” again to upgrade the HAL, it would reboot – if I hit “cancel”, the installation would fail.

After some fiddling, I figured out that Disk2VHD added the /HAL=halacpi.dll string to boot.ini for the default boot option, whereas the Integration Components setup was trying to upgrade the HAL to an APIC hal (halaacpi.dll).  I changed the boot option in boot.ini to remove the /KERNEL=ntkrpuni.exe string, changed the /HAL=halacpi.dll string to /HAL=halaacpi.dll, and copied halaacpi.dll from on my XP SP3 media to %windir%\system32.  Once I rebooted, the IC’s installed successfully.  I then went back and removed the /HAL switch from boot.ini entirely and rebooted, and all is well.

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