Nov 15

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Disk2VHD, XP, and Hyper-V – problems installing Integration Components

After taking a Disk2VHD image of an XP SP3 machine, I noticed that I could not install the Integration Components after copying the VHD to my Hyper-V machine and running the Integration Components setup off vmguest.iso.  It would attempt to upgrade the HAL, tell me I needed to reboot to upgrade the HAL, and then reboot and get to the same place.  If I clicked “OK” again to upgrade the HAL, it would reboot – if I hit “cancel”, the installation would fail.

After some fiddling, I figured out that Disk2VHD added the /HAL=halacpi.dll string to boot.ini for the default boot option, whereas the Integration Components setup was trying to upgrade the HAL to an APIC hal (halaacpi.dll).  I changed the boot option in boot.ini to remove the /KERNEL=ntkrpuni.exe string, changed the /HAL=halacpi.dll string to /HAL=halaacpi.dll, and copied halaacpi.dll from sp3.cab on my XP SP3 media to %windir%\system32.  Once I rebooted, the IC’s installed successfully.  I then went back and removed the /HAL switch from boot.ini entirely and rebooted, and all is well.

Took me 2 hours to figure out, so I figured I’d post this as usual to hopefully save someone else the time I wasted.

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