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Tired of waiting for your carrier (AT&T) to update your Windows Phone to 7.10.8107? Do it yourself!

As the title probably gives away, I’m a Windows Phone user.  Why is that important?  Well, I have a v1 Samsung Focus on AT&T, and I recently just got tired of waiting for AT&T to roll out updated builds post 7720 (aka Mango), which include things like the “disappearing keyboard” fix and security updates.  AT&T has stated that they aren’t rolling out 8107 (or 7740 for that matter), but will roll out a “post-8107” update (probably “Tango”, or the “WP 7.5 Refresh”).  The caveat is that they have not specified to which devices this update would be pushed to, and the v1 Focus is EOL (as are all v1 WP7 devices on AT&T), the relatively new Focus S/Focus Flash are soon to be EOL, and so far only the Nokia Lumia and HTC Titan II have any builds post-7720 on AT&T, so it’s hard to say for sure any devices prior to these two will actually be updated at any point in the future.  The original WP7 promise was that all devices would get updates, and carriers could skip only one and had to release the next.  Well, AT&T seems to say otherwise, and given 8107 has been available since January 2012 (and 7740 was available November of 2011 – AT&T didn’t push that one out either…)  Guess that wasn’t true, huh.  While I am pretty peeved at AT&T on this, I still have a functional device that works with everything in the marketplace – normally, I’d be OK with this decision (so far).  However, as mentioned, build 8107 contains security updates as well as a pretty significant set of bugfixes for the “disappearing keyboard” fiasco and email threading issues with Exchange, this is really kind of a silly update to skip (not to mention it goes against the original “one release” skip promise.

So, what does one do with a device that can certainly run the latest available build without issue, but the carrier isn’t pushing it (yet, if ever)?  Update yourself, of course!  To do so, after a quick internet search for updating my Focus to 8107, I initially read and followed the update guide/thread by Heathcliff74 on XDA (here), and also reviewed a slightly easier-to-follow (although it didn’t include making a full backup as the XDA thread did, which may be important if you don’t want to lose your phone if you brick or Walsh it) tutorial on WPCentral (here) that was helpful.

To sum it up, from start to finish you need to:
1. Download and extract the tools from the bottom of the first post in the XDA thread – specifically, WP7_update_tool.rar and WP7 Update Cab Sender.zip.

2. Install the Windows Phone Support Tools that match your Windows architecture (x86 or x64):

3. Install the Windows Phone Update Tool update .EXE file that matches your Windows architecture (x86 or x64) after extracting “WP7_update_tool.rar”.

4. Download the .CAB files (from the XDA thread) that you will need for the OS update itself – in my case, I needed the OS update diff .CAB from 7740 to 8107 (as I was previously on 7720).  If you are unsure which is which, check the file names themselves, which will contain the versions that they are differenced against (again, in my case, I needed the files that had 7740 and 8107 in the file names).

5. Download the .CAB files (again, from the XDA thread) for the language packs you may need – to find out which one (or more) that you will need, browse to Settings > Region + Language > Display Language (drop down menu) on the phone (note if you see “English”, you will need both English (United States) and English (UK) .CAB files.  Again, I was already on 7720, so I only needed the diff .CAB files for 7740-8107.

6. Extract the “WP7 Update Cab Sender.zip” file to a temporary folder.

7. Download Windows Phone 7 Backup from XDA (here), and extract it to a different temporary folder.  Note I prefer version 1.6 to 1.9, but download one of those two versions.  If using 1.6, the first time you run the tool it will ask you for the path to updatewp.exe – point it to the x86 or x64 folder that matches your Windows architecture) inside the \Tools folder in the temporary folder you extracted “WP7 Update Cab Sender.zip” in step 6.  Next, it will need you to download the .PKS file it uses to perform the backup (the tool should have a link to download it in the UI if it doesn’t already exist in \Program Files\Zune).  Click the Backup Phone button to make a full backup – note that the more “stuff” you have on your phone, the longer this will take, so if there are music or video (or picture) files on your device, removing them can save space and quicken the backup.

8. Once you’ve done all of this, copy the .CAB files downloaded in steps 4 and 5 to the root of the temporary folder that holds the “WP7 Update Cab Sender.zip” contents created in step 6 – the .CAB files should be in the folder now, along with the “WP7 Update Cab Sender.bat” file.

9. Double-Click the “WP7 Update Cab Sender.bat” file, and press “B” when prompted to make a quick backup and then update/upgrade your OS.  Once complete, you should see something like this in Zune:

That’s what it takes – if you own a device on a carrier that isn’t getting 8107 by now, you probably have to at least consider “force-updating” like this.  I have my doubts that AT&T is going to update to “Tango”

Good luck, and always make a backup first…

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