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Mar 21

Debian 8.3 on Hyper-V (the recommended way)

Running different distributions of Linux or variants of BSD on Hyper-V has gotten a lot easier than it was even 2-3 years ago, but there are still considerations one should take when building VMs or VM templates for deployment in Hyper-V (or Azure), and my distribution of choice for a very long time has been Debian stable.  While it might not have the feature set that Ubuntu has running on Hyper-V or Azure, I prefer it partly because it’s comfortable to me, and partly because I tend to agree with the Debian creedo.  This will likely work for most distributions out there (Ubuntu included), but since Ubuntu gets all the love on Hyper-V and Azure, I figured I’d do a post around how to get the best performance out of your Debian installations on Hyper-V.  At the time of this writing, the current stable release is 8.3 (Jesse), so that’s what you’re going to see here.  Note that this is based on the “best practices” documentation currently found here.

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Oct 16

Windows 10 VDI configuration script published

I’ve published the Windows 10 VDI script to github – grab it and take it for a spin!

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Aug 29

Working on a Windows 8-themed MDT post. Stay tuned…

As the title says, I’m working on documenting some of the more tricky things I get asked about Windows 8 deployment, like Start Screen customization and branding.  It may take me a bit to get right, but it’s coming.  Hopefully sooner rather than later too.

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Jan 05

Wow – I’ve been absent!

Sorry about that.  Once MDT 2012 and ConfigMgr 2012 are RTM, I’ll have more content.  For now, hopefully what’s here will satiate you until then!

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Jun 18

Changing the look

The blog has looked the same since August 2009, so I thought it was time to change the way the site looks and is laid out a bit.  There’s a bit more color here and the right-hand panes for navigation have been moved around a bit, but that should be it for now.

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Mar 11

Finally getting around to building my lab

I’ve been working on updating my lab hardware – finally got a nice box to run 2008 R2 and Hyper-v, so I’m installing SP1 and my VMs so I can try to crank the next post out.  I haven’t forgotten, but sickness and the job keep me busy.  The next “real” post is indeed coming soon, hopefully in the next few days.

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Feb 02

New post soon

I’ve been meaning to post an updated MDT 2010 post dealing with drivers, language packs, and selection profiles (probably the most asked-for thing since I posted about MDT back in 2009!), so I’m working on it.  However, I do travel quite a bit for a living, and you’d be surprised how little time there is at the end of the day to do any writing.  I promise it’s coming soon, but I can’t quatify exactly how long “soon” is going to be!

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Nov 15

WordPress updated to 3.0.1

Sorry for the delays and odd behavior today – as with the last upgrade to 3.0, this upgrade wasn’t 100% smooth either.  Thankfully it didn’t require total site maintenance, but it did cause some plugins to misbehave.  I believe this is all sorted now, and the last post does appear to have gone out successfully and the server errors are gone.

I know you probably don’t care, but it’s cathartic to document a job (not exactly well) done ;).

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Jul 22

WordPress upgraded to 3.0

The upgrade was not a painless process, and I had to hack my site back together after the upgrade.  If you run into any issues, let me know.

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Jul 19

Vacation over, back to work

OK, vacation’s over.  Back to work, but enjoyed the time off.  Hopefully I’ll get something useful up here again soon, but so far I’ve not come across anything useful enough to post about recently.  Oh well, guess those are the lazy days of summer for you!

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